2 new features of iOS 16 To Follow Android
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2 new features of iOS 16 To Follow Android

iOS 16 represents a major update for iPhones. These are some of these features that will be available for the iPhone and Android.

It seems that Apple took some inspiration from Android in developing iOS 16 and adapted some features from Google’s operating systems. However, Cupertino has also implemented functions that will be available on Android devices, even though they don’t have to be inspired from the Google operating system.

After looking at the features of iOS 16 which were available on Android we wanted to look at the remaining features of the iPhone OS. We also wanted to see how both platforms came together to implement similar features. iOS 16’s lock screen changes

Support for Matter

iOS 16 supports the Matter standard, which allows for interoperability among smart home devices made by different manufacturers. This will allow iOS users to manage all of their compatible devices with Matter in one place without worrying about compatibility issues. The arrival of Matter in Google Home on Android was announced over a year ago. Android 13 is the system version that introduces native support.

Passwords are dead!

Apple is working with Google and other companies to achieve its goal of ending passwords one and for all. This will also prevent possible theft of accounts and sensitive data. The access keys are a more secure option to passwords with iOS 16. They work as phrases on the device and are not stored on a server.

These devices use Touch ID or Face ID to verify biometrics and can be synced between Apple devices via iCloud Keychain. Google has been coordinating your plans to eliminate passwords in a similar manner: A few weeks ago, Google announced support for the FIDO standards for passwordless login in ChromeOS, ChromeOS and Android. To authenticate on a website, or app, you will only need to unlock the mobile . Apple’s method of authenticating on websites and apps also conforms to the FIDO standard.

2 new features of iOS 16 To Follow Android
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