A calculator for the sale of smartphones has been launched on Avito – an instant assessment of the market value

Avito, a popular private classifieds site, announced the launch a new tool. Users now have access to a calculator that calculates the market value for smartphones.


The developers claim that the calculator will allow users to determine the best price for their smartphone to make it profitable and sell quickly.

You can use the calculator page to determine the best price for a smartphone. Once you have chosen a brand, a phone will be displayed for selecting a model. There may also be some characteristics that are dependent on it (e.g. the built-in memory or the color).


Once you have determined all parameters, click on the “Find out price” button. The optimal range of cost for the smartphone will be displayed. This price is based on similar Avito ads that were published in the last 12 months. First, ads that have the same parameters as the area of sale are evaluated. If there are not enough, they are then evaluated in neighbouring areas.


The seller can also be asked to determine the best price for their smartphone when they submit an advertisement. The “Market price” icon will appear on the user’s ad if they set a price within the range. This allows them to attract more buyers to their ad.

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