An electric car is presented that purifies the air of CO2 while driving

The Eindhoven University of Technology students have created a prototype of an electric car. It removes carbon dioxide as it moves, so that more CO 2 can be captured than will be allocated to the vehicle over its entire life span.

The Zem team (EM07) set out to create an electric car that emits zero carbon emissions. The monocoque and panels were created using additive manufacturing techniques. This allowed for a reduction in material waste and produced “as few CO2 emissions” 2. They also used recycled plastic that could be shredded and re-used for other purposes.

2 while driving

Recycled plastic and environmentally-friendly materials are used inside. The team recommends polycarbonate for windows, as it is more sustainable than glass. The modular infotainment, modular electronics, and modular lighting systems can all be used in other products.

Zem is an electric vehicle, meaning that it emits no carbon dioxide during its movements. The car’s carbon footprint was and will be recycled. We don’t have any details on the powertrain, but students revealed that there were nine modular batteries of 2.3kWh and a motor of 22kW.

2 while driving

Regenerative braking is used, and photovoltaic cell are used to increase the car’s driving range. Bi-directional charging is possible, and digital mirrors can be used to reduce aerodynamic drag.

The front grille captures air and is cleaned during driving. According to the team, the car can remove as much as 2kg of carbon dioxide from the air 2 per 20600 km driven at 60 km/h. The technology could be used by millions of vehicles around the globe to make a significant impact on decarbonization efforts.

2 while driving

The Zem filter has reached its maximum capacity after 320km. It is believed that such filters can still be cleaned with green energy. What happens to the CO 2dont captured?


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