Android 13 beta 1 update finally fixes fingerprint sensor bugs
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Android 13 beta 1 update finally fixes fingerprint sensor bugs

Google appears to have resolved the fingerprint reader problems with the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro that have been criticised since their release almost a year ago.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro launched last year with many bugs that Google has been trying to fix little by little. Users often find the fingerprint reader beneath the screen slow and unresponsive. Google released an update quickly that should improve the performance of the sensor, but some users reported slowness or bugs that prevented them from using it.

Some Pixel 6 Pro and 6 Pro owners claim that Google has finally rectified the situation with the new beta version of Android 13. This new version of Android 13 beta was released by Google just a few days ago. It contains some fixes that were made before the September stable version, but it does not contain any new features.
Finally, the Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor works properly

If you are still having problems with your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor, then install the fourth beta version of Android 13 or wait until the stable release next month. Other users report that their smartphones are now more responsive to the fingerprint reader. They also report an improvement in the smartphone’s autonomy, something not often seen after upgrading to an older Android version.

Google has resolved one of the biggest problems with the Pixel 6, but the American company should be focusing on the Pixel 6a. This model also has major flaws with the fingerprint sensor. However, it is still a different model than the Pixel 6.

We reported a bug in the fingerprint scanner of some smartphones that allowed anyone to unlock them. This important security flaw was not fixed by the initial SD2A.220601.00 update, which was released right after launch. We also anxiously await the August security patch for Google phones.

Android 13 beta 1 update finally fixes fingerprint sensor bugs
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