Android: Google will stop all call recording apps
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Android: Google will stop all call recording apps

Google has stopped third-party apps from recording incoming calls. The specifications of apps available on the Play Store have been updated to include accessibility features, according to the Android mobile operating systems developers.

Reddit user NLL apps pointed out that Google has changed the Play Store rules to allow apps to be developed that limit the Accessibility API’s scope. According to the new specifications, Accessibility API cannot be used to record audio from incoming calls.

Only dialers provided by the manufacturer can continue to record

However, Google has decreased call recording capabilities in Android. Android 10’s so-called “call record” was initially blocked. After that, some developers of Android apps from the Play Store removed the Accessibility API in an effort to restore their recording apps’ functionality. This alternative option will not be available if the new regulations go into effect on May 11, 2022. This will cause apps that use this method to lose their functionality.

The change does not necessarily mean that Android will no longer allow you to record conversations. One exception is made. Compatible smartphones can still use the included dialer apps to record calls. Google stated in a webinar that access to the accessibility interfaces does not need to be granted if the app is the default phone dialer and was shipped from the manufacturer.

Android: Google will stop all call recording apps
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