Android Studio Chipmunk stable comes with Compose Animation Preview

Android Studio Chipmunk stable comes with Compose Animation Preview

This update is a minor one that focuses more on stability. Android may have stopped being whimsical, and has retreated from using cute names for major releases, but it feels like Android Studio was more than willing to take up the slack. In mid-2021, Android Studio began to name stable releases after animals.

This new naming scheme saw the first update arrive as Arctic Fox. It has since been replaced by Bumblebee. After months of beta testing, Google now promotes its latest version as stable. It includes some new features that will improve the Android app-building process.

Android Studio Chipmunk, more commonly known as version 2021.2.1 is a smaller feature update. It contains fixes for over 175+ quality problems and focuses more on stability. However, , a new IntelliJ upgrade, is included. Compose Animation Preview is now available to Jetpack Compose developers so they can inspect and debug animations. There are many controls now available, including loop, pause and fast-forward.

Google also provides an update to the CPU Profiler trace. This allows it to show more information on jank when used with the Android Emulator and physical devices running Android 12 (or later when we get 13 releases). The new Jetifier check in Build analyzer allows developers to know when it is safe to remove. Additionally, the new IntelliJ update, now included with Chipmunk, offers goodies such as project-wide analysis and an improved Package Search UI. There are also IDE actions enhancements.

Developers have two options: either download the update directly from Android Studio’s updater or go to the official downloading site.

Android Studio Chipmunk stable comes with Compose Animation Preview
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