Are Android and Wear OS smartwatches finally going to be truly autonomous? Qualcomm is preparing modern SoC Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 and W5 + Gen 1

Qualcomm is working on single-chip systems to power smartwatches. Although there has not been any announcement, the documents clearly prepared for the presentation and revealing all details are available on the Web.

Qualcomm will alter the naming principle. We aren’t waiting for Snapdragon Wear 5100 or 5100+, but Snapdragon 5100 and Snapdragon 5100+ Gen 1, and W5+ Generation 1. This suggests that Snapdragon W6 will not be released before Snapdragon W5Gen 2, although it is incorrect.

They will be made according to the 4nm process technology. This means that they will be as modern and current as possible. Currently, there is no market for such SoCs on smartwatches. According to the documents, autonomy should rise by 50%. This means that smartwatches with average usage will be able charge on one charge for approximately two days.

Qualcomm has not disclosed the differences between the new platforms and the parameters for W5 Plus Gen 1 were not disclosed. The SoC will have four Cortex A53 cores, one Cortex M55 auxiliary core at 250MHz, and a 1GHz Adreno 701 GTK GPU. There will also be a block or 2.5D function responsible for the dials of the Always-On Display mode.

It supports up to 16GB LPDDR4x RAM, which is quite impressive. It is unknown if anyone will ever release a watch with this much RAM. The rest of the specs include a cellular modem and Bluetooth 5.3. There is also support for two 16MP cameras, a speaker, NFC module, Bluetooth 5.3, dual image processor, speaker support, Bluetooth 5.3, a dual-image processor, speaker support, Android, Wear OS, and RTOS. Oppo and Mobvoi will be the first to release watches with the new SoCs.

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