BMW To Add Android Automotive in its Cars from 2023

BMW To Add Android Automotive in its Cars from 2023

The BMW Group just announced that it will integrate Android Automotive in its vehicles starting March 2023. It is expected that the new operating system will work with the Linux-based proprietary system used by the German luxury brand.

German automaker BMW has stated plans for Android Automotive to be used in its vehicles as soon as March next year. This platform will integrate all of the infotainment system of various vehicles from the Stellantis, Polestar and Volvo groups. However, it is not known which models will have this system.

Android Automotive, a complete vehicle operating software, can be integrated into car infotainment system dashboards without the need for a smartphone. It is not to be confused with AndroidAuto, the connection between a smartphone’s dashboard and Google’s dashboard. This system is similar to Apple’s CarPlay .

Android Automotive won’t likely use Google apps at BMW

BMW, unlike other competitors, will not allow Google apps to be installed on its vehicles. BMW and Apotide signed an agreement in 2022 to offer an app store for Android-based operating systems. This means that embedded operating systems are unlikely to use Google services such as the Play Store and Google Maps.

Stephan Durach, the senior vice president for the German brand, stated that BMW wants to “integrate all the best parts of all worlds” – this could be either in-house development or open-source commercial software products depending on the solution. It’s great. We make sure that every customer has a personalized and unique digital experience in their car.

Google presents Android Auto OS, an open-source and customizable software that can adapt to car infotainment systems. The operation of Android Automotive OS may be slightly different in BMW vehicles than in other competitors. The shortage of components is unlikely to affect the 2023 Android Automotive-equipped vehicles. BMW was previously unable to ship cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

BMW To Add Android Automotive in its Cars from 2023
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