Deaddrop: Dr. Disrespect’s Game Has a Name and First “Gameplay”
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Deaddrop: Dr. Disrespect’s Game Has a Name and First “Gameplay”

Dr. Disrespect, a streamer, and some ex-Halo and Call of Duty developers created the studio Midnight Society to realize their big ambitions of creating a new multiplayer shooter. Project Moon now has a name: Deaddrop. This is the first gameplay, and it’s not very impressive. For the figure dr. Disregard In typical high-pitched language, the shooter project received praise in December for being “the best and most community-focused online PVP multiplayer game the world has ever experienced”.

While the project was initially listed under “Project Moon”, it has been officially renamed to “Deadrop”. It is now clear that the game is a multiplayer shooter with battle royale mechanics and extraction mechanics. It’s also known as a vertical extraction shooter by the team. Matches are held in a tower, and players work their way up until the final winner. Snapshot, the first build that was released this weekend for those who were able to obtain one of the $50 Founders Access Passes. These are the minimum system requirements.

Microsoft Windows 10
Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz
32 gigabytes memory
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
20 gigabytes HDD/SSD
This preview also includes the Player Hideout which acts as a lobby for the latest game. A workbench can be used to take an assault rifle and test it at different firing ranges. This demo does not offer any playable gameplay. However, it is still a great start to the game. Mixed reactions have been received to the demo and the many videos. While some people love the graphics and ray-traced effects of the demo, others find it to be inferior to a Call of Duty Mobile. The gameplay is still being played as a single-player demo, so there’s not much to comment on.


Deaddrop: Dr. Disrespect’s Game Has a Name and First “Gameplay”
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