Ducati SCR-X and SCR-E GT electric bikes introduced
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Ducati SCR-X and SCR-E GT electric bikes introduced

Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has released two electric bikes. The Scrambler Ducati SCRX and SCR–E GT have a unique foldable design.

Ducati is slowly expanding its electric bike range. Ducati aims to expand its electric vehicle business after achieving significant racing success. Ducati already makes electric scooters and foldable electric bicycles for urban mobility. Platinum and Centro Stile Ducati designed the SCRX and SCR–E GT bikes. The design of both models is similar, but the Knobby SCR–E GT tires make them more durable. Both models use a 48V motor.

The Ducati Scrambler SCRX-X and SCR–E GT are built for a comfortable, eco-friendly ride in cities. The SCRX features a telescopic front suspension and a rear rack capable of carrying loads up to 25kg. The removable 499 Wh battery provides a range of up 80 km with a full charge. The SCR-X can travel at 25 km/h, and the battery can also be charged separately. Because of its durable tires, the SCR-E GT can go off-road. It can handle gravel roads and sand. The SCR-E GT is more potent and offers the same options as the SCR-X.

Ducati Scrambler SCRX and SCR–E GT bikes are lightweight and fold easily. The new electric bikes’ hub-mounted Bafang motor can produce a maximum torque output of 60Nm. The electric bikes come with a 7-speed gearbox. The e-bike can also be used for training purposes.

The bike’s waterproof LCD allows riders to view ride information like speed, battery life, and assistance level.

The sales of the new e-bikes will begin in mid-July 2022. Pricing information is still not available.

Ducati SCR-X and SCR-E GT electric bikes introduced
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