Elon Musk with SpaceX will not be the first on Mars? Relativity Space and Impulse Space want to send a mission to Mars as early as 2024

SpaceX’s forecasts for its first mission to Mars are constantly being updated, but there is another player in the market that wants to reach the Red Planet before Elon Musk.


Relativity Space, Impulse Space, and Space Explorations want to be the first private company to reach Mars. They announced a joint effort to achieve this goal. Their spacecraft will reach Mars in 2024, according to the statement.

According to a press release Relativity Space will supply its fully 3D printed Terran R rocket and Impulse Space its Impulse Mars Cruise Vehicle, as well as a Mars Lander, to place equipment on Mars. This means that the mission requires the landing of the device. It immediately makes it more difficult.


This is an important point, even though neither Impulse Space nor Relativity Space have yet to launch any payloads into orbit. The companies are new to the space mission, and have no prior experience. Maybe to make more noise. Relativity Space was established in 2015, and has many unique technologies and other developments. Impulse Space was created last year.

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