Fall Guys: Bug leads to unintended purchases in the in-app store
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Fall Guys: Bug leads to unintended purchases in the in-app store

Fall Guys is affected by a strange bug after switching to a free-to play business model. Players are being inadvertently purchasing items due to a number of bugs in the store. The developers have confirmed the issue and are working on a solution. Reverse transactions of purchases are available until then. The Reddit has received many reports of accidental purchases over the last few days.

Reports were made about purchases that did not have confirmation, transactions with hidden key combinations, and orders where an entirely different item was delivered. Many times, purchases became obvious only after the in-game currency dropped.

Reddit users reported that the customer service at the developer studio was initially hostile. It said that purchases cannot be made in-game, and that refunds are not possible. Mediatonic quickly changed its mind. A spokesperson for Mediatonic stated that the response was unacceptable and offered solutions.

Mediatonic also announced the news via Twitter. The developers are currently working on improvements to the “design” store. However, bugs are not being admitted. This would be a negative communication because it could undermine confidence in microtransactions and reduce the chance of winning.

Mediatonic will also accept returns on purchases made between June 21st and the completion the store improvements. All players will also receive a skin to use in-game.

Launch extremely successful

Epic Games made the decision to switch, even though it was difficult. The game was made an Epic exclusive, just like Rocket League. It was purchased by Epic Games and converted to a free-to play model. This has been a huge success.

reported that developers have already reached 50 million players after just two weeks. Fall Guys has the best chance of long-term success if it doesn’t scare off most of its base.

Fall Guys: Bug leads to unintended purchases in the in-app store
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