Feature phones: Nokia brings back the 8210 with LTE

Feature phones: Nokia brings back the 8210 with LTE

HMD global has launched three new feature phones: the Nokia 8210 4G and the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio. The 2660 Flip is a special example of the nostalgia that the 8210 evokes. This is the first phone with dual SIM and LTE. It was released over 20 years ago. It also functions as an MP3 player, FM radio and a radio station. The Nokia 8210 was launched in Paris on October 8, 1999. It was the smallest and lightest Nokia smartphone when it was released in November.

The new Nokia 8210 4G measures 101.5 x 44.5x 17.4 mm but is now 131.25x 56.15x 13.8mm. The new model , part of the Originals family, will be available in August at 79.99 Euros or 79.99 CHF (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) in the colors blue and red. The Nokia 8210 4G does not support the Xpress-on covers that were previously available at Nokia in six colours. Nokia 8210 4G

Making calls on the LTE network

The Nokia 8210 4G feature phone is limited to calling, texting and playing games like the Snake. You can use LTE to make calls over the GSM network and also use VoLTE for better voice quality. The phone can also be used as an MP3-player if a microSD card is installed with the right files.

Only the Series 30+ OS, and all the “apps” are supported by the 128 MB of memory. There is an FM radio, and a camera with 0.3 megapixels. Display size is 2.8 inches with QVGA resolution (320×240). HMD Global claims a long battery life, but does not provide any concrete numbers. The manufacturer claims that the 1,450mAh rechargeable battery can be used for “longer calls” as well as allowing for “week-long” standby.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio hides headphones
The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio phone is not a reissue of an older model. It also falls under the category of feature phones. As a special feature it conceals a wireless headset on its back and exposes them via a sliding mechanism. The 5710 measures 138.9 x 58.85 x18.5 mm. It also runs on a 2.8 inch QVGA screen with a Unisoc T107 CPU and Series 30+ OS. Hardware and software are identical to the 8210 4G except that the 1,450mAh battery on the 5710 can also charge the TWS headphones.

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio should today at 89.99 Euros or 89.99 CHF (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) in the colors black/red and white/red. Included are the headphones.

Nokia 2660 Flip Clamshell Phone
HMD Global also packs the exact same hardware and software in a clamshell phone, the Nokia 2660 Flip. This special feature includes a second display of 1.77 inches and QQVGA resolution (160×120) for status messages. The front camera has a 0.3MP resolution and can be used to take selfies. However, when the phone is open it faces inwards like other models. An LED flash supports it. The three feature phones have identical equipment in memory, FM radio and MP3 player. Nokia 2660 Flip.

The Nokia 2660 Flip will be available in black only and cost 99.99 Euros/CHF. ComputerBase received information from HMD Global about this item under NDA. Only one requirement was that the publication date be as soon as possible.


Feature phones: Nokia brings back the 8210 with LTE
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