Garmin's New Fitness Tracker’s Display Will Be Over 50% Larger

Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker’s Display Will Be Over 50% Larger

Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker’s Display Will Be Over 50% Larger

Garmin already revealed a few new smartwatches for 2022 and is now set to announce a new fitness monitor. Garmin sells fitness trackers under its Vivosmart brand, but unlike it doesn’t update the line as frequently. The Vivosmart 4, the latest model in the series, was launched in September 2018.

Some people don’t want to wear a smartwatch to keep track of their fitness and health. You might find them too big or heavy, making them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. These consumers will discover a Fitness Tracker more appealing, as they are small enough and light enough to be worn for long periods.

Gamin’s new fitness tracker will be known as the Vivosmart 5, and a leak has revealed that it will feature some significant design changes. Win future reported that the fitness tracker would have a larger screen than its predecessor. This means that it will be able to display 66% more information. Images clearly show that the net is more comprehensive, which means that text on the screen will be easier to see. The Vivosmart 5’s straps could be replaced as there aren’t visible screws, unlike the 2018 model.

New Fitness Tracker Design

Garmin will stick to silicone for the textured straps, but the metal accent around the display and the clasp are gone. It will be in Black, White, or Mint Green when it launches. According to the information, there will be a second variant in black with a giant strap. The product’s appearance has been updated, but the specifications and features have not.

The Vivosmart 5, available in five colors, will include a Pulse Ox sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels and a heart rate sensor. The wearable will consist of sleep tracking and a sleep score that can be used to measure sleep quality. The wearable also features a step counter and hydration tracking. It can also monitor your body’s battery life. A built-in app allows you to record running, swimming, and cycling activities. Although there isn’t a built-in GPS module, you can use one from a connected smartphone.

Vivosmart 4, which will be able to display messages on the screen, and notify users via app notifications, will also be available. According to the report, the battery life is unchanged at 7 days. This is good considering that the OLED display has grown in size. Although there is no information on pricing or availability, it’s unlikely Garmin will launch the Vivosmart 5, which was priced at $129.


Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker’s Display Will Be Over 50% Larger
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