Google Blocks Deceptive Android Apps with too Many Ads in the Play Store
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Google Blocks Deceptive Android Apps with too Many Ads in the Play Store

Google has taken new measures within the Play Store to end deceptive Android apps that display ads full screen or pretend to be a VPN. Google has just announced a number of new resolutions to protect users.

Google Play Store thought he could block all malicious programs using his antivirus. Despite numerous hiccups the company doesn’t admit defeat and begins a fight against fake programs that pretend to be approved programs. The new conditions allow the American company to end the practice of excessive ads being displayed on the full screen. VPN hijacking is also addressed. These measures are not yet in place, but will be starting September 30, 2022.

The group isn’t making its first attempt, as it has already tried with old applications. The company promised to only deal with one type of ads in order to avoid confusion. Developers will have to avoid irrelevant ads that slow down the game or load it. The same applies to any type of ad that is longer than 15 seconds and cannot be closed.

Google announces a number of steps to combat fraudulent developers
The company has also taken steps to stop the above-mentioned announcements. This option allows for the protection of some critical information. This feature blocks screen capture, sharing, and broadcasts. Google has decided that apps will not be able bypass these restrictions starting November 1, 2022. VPN checks will be even more rigorous. Only VPN apps can create a secure tunnel from a remote server.

Google will block software that deceives users as a way to protect users. Google is determined to end fake apps. This will also affect the credibility of its Play Store. Google is cautious despite these precautions and urges users to conduct a variety of checks to verify that the company they are contacting is legitimate. We will have to wait and watch to see if this is the case after Google Play Protect’s failure. While we wait for personalized protective equipment to be implemented, the company announced other changes in order to eliminate all questionable information regarding health, children, subscriptions, and so on.


Google Blocks Deceptive Android Apps with too Many Ads in the Play Store
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