Google Hints The official Launch of Android 13
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Google Hints The official Launch of Android 13

We know the final Android 13 version could be available on Pixel phones. Google published August 2022 security patches on Monday, but did not release an update for Pixels. Google did however make official notes about the next major operating system update, Android 13.

The update to Android 13 is still not available for Pixel devices. However, thanks to the notes above, we know when the final rollout to Android 13 will begin for the next version. Android 13 is the new version, codenamed Tiramisu.

Android 13 will be available in September
We can see that Android 13 security patches are available in the Android 13 security release note, which was published by Google on August 1. This means that Android 13 is most likely to be released in September. However, this data does not prove that Android 13 will be available on the first mobiles by that date. As has been the case with other versions of the system before, Google will most likely launch Android 13 code via AOSP in September. However, the update will not reach the first phones until after a few more weeks. Similar events occurred with the launch last year of Android 12.

All Android 13 update mobiles will receive it. Be that as it might, if there is one thing that seems certain today, it’s that the final code for Android 13 will be available at AOSP in September. This coincides with Google’s initial approach. Pixel device owners now have the ability to download the Android 13 beta version. It’s also possible to install the preview version on third-party devices.


Google Hints The official Launch of Android 13
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