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Google Maps finally offers routes for electric cars

Google Maps is currently developing a new electric vehicle project. The latter should provide personalized routes for all users.

Google Maps clearly cares about the quality of its app. Google recently made it clear that it would inform users about the true cost of a route and display toll prices. Google Maps has a number of innovations currently in development that focus more on energy savings and ecology. Google Maps for Android Auto and smartphones now allow you to select between various routes.

This route is shorter and easier than others.
The most efficient route.
These innovative features have attracted many users to the application. Google Maps will keep its momentum by offering route calculations specifically designed for electric car owners. This new feature is being developed by Google Maps and should be available in the near future.

Google Maps now offers electric cars a personal route.
Google Maps will offer routes that are specifically designed for electric cars. The optimal routes for electric cars will differ depending on which application they are used. They must take into consideration the same destination and starting point. There should soon be an option to indicate which type of vehicle you would like to use to travel the route.

Google Maps will then suggest the best route based on your vehicle. This feature was discovered in the latest beta version (version 11.39). This does not necessarily mean you will be able to find it in the beta version. The latter is still not available to the general public. Google has not yet announced that the new feature will be available and has not even spoken about it.


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