Google News Resumes in Spain

Google News Resumes in Spain

It’s official! It’s official! Google News is now available in Spain. Now you can start using the Google News in Spain.

It has taken a long time. As planned, Google News has returned to Spain. This announcement was made by , the company via its news blog . After eight years of being out of Spain, Google’s news service returned to Spain on the 20th Anniversary. Google claims that his return was possible due to the Updated Copyright Law, which allows Spanish media to decide how their content can best be found and monetized. After eight years of being unavailable, Google News has been restored to Spain.

Google News arrives in Spain, with a new website
Although the company had previously informed us about the return of its news service in Spain at the end last year, it was only now that the platform is available to Spanish residents. Google News in Spain is now available through a new web page. It features tabs that provide access to different categories and the main panel which contains sections of interest. Google News Spain is currently only available via the internet.

Google News ensures that it uses a broad range of news sources from all sizes, as well as independent organizations to verify them. This is done in the interest of both publishers and readers. Google News Showcase will also be launched in Spain by the company. This initiative offers publishers a variety of licensed tools and financial rewards to help them produce high-quality content for the Google News or Google Discover panels.

Soon, the app for iOS and Android will be available
Google News is now available in Spain. However, access to the platform is limited to the internet. The company confirmed however that it will soon be possible to download the Google News app for iOS or Android in Spain. Even though is already available on Google Play, the app does not appear to be available in Spain.


Google News Resumes in Spain
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