Google rolls out Android 13 beta 3, here’s all about it
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Google rolls out Android 13 beta 3, here’s all about it

Google released the third beta version Android 13 and, while it doesn’t offer any new features, it marks an important milestone in the development process of the operating system.

Google has just released the third Android13 beta to Pixel phones. This new beta comes nearly a month after the previous beta. It is in line with the company’s previously announced release schedule. This version is crucial because it allows Android 13 platform stability.

Developer APIs and app performance will be finalized in the next operating system version. The software’s public release is expected to take place in the next few months. Developer rs must now be focused on compatibility and overall app quality, and fixing any bugs. The following betas should not introduce any major functionality.

What’s new with Android 13 beta 3

Google’s Beta 3 Blog Post contains essential documentation that developers need to ensure their apps are compatible with all Android 13 updates and improvements . It also includes new documentation regarding large-screen devices like foldable smartphones or tablets. These include changes to multi-window mode and taskbar interaction as well as media streaming. The only significant change in terms of new features is the improved copy-and-paste.

You can also enable web suggestions with the new Pixel Launcher settings. This feature shows you suggested search terms as you type. When you enter a Google search , you can click on the “Search YouTube” and “Search Maps” buttons. As a reminder: If you have not tried Android13 yet, make sure your phone is compatible. Recent changes have made it easier to find eligible devices. It is possible to use your high-end smartphone from the last generation.

Google rolls out Android 13 beta 3, here’s all about it
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