Google Starts Rolling Out The New Gmail design To Everyone
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Google Starts Rolling Out The New Gmail design To Everyone

Google has begun rolling out the new Gmail design as planned. Google has begun rolling out the new Gmail design to all users. Google announced that it has begun rolling out the new desktop look for Gmail. It is based on the design lines Material You and Material Design 3 which were introduced with Android 12.

Gmail’s new version is now available to everyone. It promises to enhance the user experience by unifying communication services most used by users, such as Google Chat, Google Meet, and Gmail. Gmail has been updated with the Material Design 3 layout

After several months of testing, the new Gmail design is now available
Google unveiled the redesign of Gmail in January this year and has been conducting various tests. However, it has taken a while for Google to get all the feedback necessary to refine the Gmail experience and make it ready for global deployment. The Gmail integrated view will now be enabled by default for all users who have activated Chat.

This change has the most important aspect: The apps menu allows for you to switch between different Google Workspace applications, such as Gmail and Chat, Spaces, Spaces, and Meet. It will be possible at any time to select which apps should be displayed in the menu and which ones to hide. So-called “search chips”, have also been added.

These buttons are small and will be displayed when you perform a search. They promise to make it easier to find emails, contacts, files or content in the messages. Gmail’s user interface now uses a light-blue background for all elements. However, you can still change the theme from the settings menu.

Google, on the other hand, has confirmed that a new update will soon be available with more features including a better experience for tablet users and improved emojis.

How to Test the New Gmail Design Now
Gmail users will be able to test the new interface for their mail client with the Gmail redesign, which was inspired by Material You lines. You can visit the Gmail web site from a browser on a computer. If the old interface is being used, you can simply reload the page by deleting any cached data. In Chrome, you will need the key combination Shift + Shift+ F5 (or CMD+ Shift+ F5 if using a Mac) to do this.


Google Starts Rolling Out The New Gmail design To Everyone
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