Google trolls Apple on account of a Drake song
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Google trolls Apple on account of a Drake song

Apple can solve the blue and green bubbles issue, so Google sent you a message.

Google sent an email directly to Apple via Twitter. Why? The reason? A 38-second video has been published by the official Android account on Twitter . In it, Drake’s new theme is used as a framework and he asks an Apple engineer team to find a solution. A new chapter has been added to the controversy over messages between Android phones and iPhones. Depending on whether the device has an iPhone or Android, the bubbles will be blue or green.

The RCS protocol is the best way to go

Drake’s “Texts Go Green” song is his latest. He realized that neither Google nor Drake had ever intended to paint a theme in the past years. Although it may not seem like much to people outside the United States, the blue and green messages app bubbles are still a hot topic.

The message bubbles appear blue when two iPhones communicate using this app. When an Android user joins in the conversation, however, things can change. Its “label”, the green bubbles, has been causing bullying issues in North America. Google stated that it was not right that iMessage treated its users like they were less.

Android users can have different colors and they may also be slower to communicate by having certain limitations. is the color that appears if a user is blocked. does not appear to be associated with anything positive. Google requests Apple to adopt the RCS message protocol. This would allow for communication between the two ecosystems, improve security, and eliminate the problem of bubbles. iMessage is the most popular messaging app in the United States. Users (mostly Apple) don’t download apps such as WhatsApp, or Telegram.

They use the default app on their devices. Apple is aware that many users are “locked in” to its ecosystem. This is because they don’t want to leave iMessage. It doesn’t seem like he will give up his arm.

Google trolls Apple on account of a Drake song
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