Google Wallet replaces the Google Pay app
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Google Wallet replaces the Google Pay app

Google is now delivering the wallet that was presented at the I/O, as a successor and replacement for the Google Pay app via Play Store. Google Wallet will be able to store many documents instead of having to pay for them.

According to the company, the old Google Pay app will soon be replaced with the new Google Wallet within the next two days. The update can be done automatically through the Play Store. However, you will need to install the new app via a search for updated. Two days ago, the new Google wallet app was available on a Nothing Phone (1). Recently, a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6a received the update.

The Google Wallet was unveiled as the new successor to Google Pay at the I/O developer conference. Google Pay will not be updated. The payment service will still operate under the same name. It is now part of the Google Wallet. Google does it as Apple with Apple Wallet, Apple Pay. In the future, Google Wallet should have more options than just payment. Google Pay is used for tickets to cinemas, movie tickets, gift cards, vouchers, and digital car keys. This is well-known.

Google Wallet allows you to get driving licenses and ID cards
Documents such as test results, vaccination certificates, and driver’s licenses will be able to be saved in the Google Wallet in the future. These functions are not yet integrated. The editors’ test devices showed that the Google Wallet covers the same features of the Google Pay app, including a saved credit card and multiple airline ticket options.

Material wherever you go
The Material You theme is a new feature in the wallet. It was adopted from Android 12. Accent colors will depend on what wallpaper you choose. Google has integrated all settings into the profile picture and removed the side-hidden menu. You can add new cards by clicking the “Floating Action button” located at the bottom right. Cards and tickets can be transferred automatically to Google Wallet if the “Smart features, personalization in other Google Products” setting in Gmail is enabled. Google Wallet can also be used with Wear OS.

Google Wallet replaces the Google Pay app
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