High-Range Expansive Mortar Benefits

High-Range Expansive Mortar Benefits

Mining is a complex industry that requires careful planning. It can be used for destruction or extraction. These large Mortar Rock Cracking Agents are perfect for the above mentioned purpose. They can be used to crack/demolish concrete, large stones or rocks.

Expansive mortar has many benefits

The expansive mortar is a silent, safe, and non-explosive demolishment tool. Stone Cracking Powder: An effective quarrying solution.

It can also be used to cut granite, onyx, and marble into blocks and slabs. A non-explosive, safe, soundless and cost-effective alternative to the application of dimensional stones is the best.

This is a new class of chemically-based, static blasting agents. It helps in efficient resource use, including when mining granite and marble.

It is also permissible to demolish reinforced concrete structures. HSCA (High Range Expansive mortar) is a powder which, when mixed with ordinary water has an incredible strength of 18,000 PSI.

HSCA (High Range Expansive Mortar), when poured into holes cracks rock and disintegrates reinforced concrete.

It is easy to cut reinforced concrete or any other stone into the desired shapes and sizes without vibrations or noise. HSCA (High Range Expansive Mortar), allows for controlled demolition according to specific drilling patterns.

Reinforced concrete cutting, demolition

High Range Expansive Mortar (or HSCA) is a tool that’s used in concrete cutting, demolition, and digging to break down reinforced concrete and rocks into smaller pieces. You can simply remove the rebar from the material and haul it away using a crane or truck.

Breaking Rock & Excavation

HSCA (High Range Expansive Mortar), is a method of producing high-quality slabs and blocks when dealing with limestone, granite, onyx and marble.

High Range Expansive Mortar, (HSCA), prevents wastage of costly stone, expensive insurance, and expensive storage.

Dimension Stone and Quarrying

HSCA (High Range Expansive Mortar), is ideal for residential, school and hospital areas. You can use it in combination with other conventional methods like jackhammer, hydraulic breaker and diamond blade saw to lower costs, increase safety and speed up construction.

It’s an alternative to the diamond saw and breaker and jackhammer and blasting… HSCA is a high-range expansive mortar that makes your job easier and more profitable.

Three types of Expansive Mortar Crackers

There are three types of high-range expansive mortars-HSCA-1 and HSCA-2 and HSCA-3. Each is suitable for a specific season: winter, spring/autumn and winter.

These are the three types:

  • Warm temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees C
  • Cool temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius
  • Cold: -5deg to -10deg C

Application scope for HSCA (High Range Expansive Mortar).

The HSCA can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • Quarrying and cutting granite, marble and sandstone as well as limestone and quartzite
  • Pre-splitting and fracturing, cutting off, tearing down, or removal of rocks
  • Concrete buildings are not allowed to be demolished and rocks must be removed when there is an explosion
  • Concrete buildings and structures will collapse and be destroyed.
  • For building roads, you can chop rocks
High-Range Expansive Mortar Benefits
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