How to activate and use the magnifying glass on Android and iPhone to enlarge the screen of our terminal
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How to activate and use the magnifying glass on Android and iPhone to enlarge the screen of our terminal

You can activate the magnifying glass on Android or iPhone and not miss any detail.

Software companies have been known for their efforts to make users more accessible over the years. Android has been a pioneer in this regard, offering accessibility improvements through the updates. We explained TalkBack at the time and its purpose. Now it’s your turn to activate the magnifying glasses in Android. If we require the Magnifying Glass to be used, the Android accessibility suite is the best option. The Magnifying Glass accessibility option in Android is available if you need assistance to view the contents of your mobile terminal. This accessibility option allows to increase the screen size of your device . This function is sometimes called “Magnifying glass” in some mobiles. It is also known as Extension in other mobiles.

How to activate the magnifying glasses on Android

Android has a variety of accessibility features built in. These features are usually not activated by default. These features are not enabled by default. To activate them, we need to go to Android settings. Different customization layers may change the names of these options, but they are generally categorized under Accessibility.

Accessibility options to turn on magnification

We need to activate accessibility options in order to activate the magnifying glass or enlargement. Once the option is enabled, it will ask us to create a shortcut that launches the magnifying glasses. The customization layer will determine the different methods we can use to activate the magnifying lens. Here are some:

  • Click on the accessibility button. We will see a new menu option for the accessibility menu when we activate it. Click on the icon to activate that accessibility menu.
  • By using the volume keysHolding down both volume keys simultaneously.
  • By using a triple touch. You can also activate the magnifying glasses by tapping three times on the screen. This is the least recommended option. It could be used in games and other applications, which could slow down the experience.

It shows you how to use the magnifying glasses in Android.

Set the magnification type

Arriving with Android 12 Although we can also find this in some customization layers we have the option to choose the type of extension for the magnifying glass. In this instance, there are two types:

  • Full-screen magnification. This mode will zoom in on the screen so it looks larger. An orange box will appear in the area where the enlargement has been activated.
  • Zooming in on a portion of the screen. We are all familiar with Windows and will be able to recall the Magnifier option. It would work the same way for Android. This will create a box that allows you to see the magnified screen.

We will increase the size of the image by using the pinch gesture. We can simply repeat the activation to deactivate the magnifying glasses. The box can easily be moved to any part of the screen.

How to activate the magnifying glasses on iPhone

It is very similar to Android’s Magnifier function. You will need to go into accessibility from the settings menu, and then look for the option zoom. You can also type in the top bar in the main section to access this option. This option will allow us to do the exact same thing as with Android. This will activate or deactivate iPhone‘s magnifying glass. To access the magnifying glasses, we will touch the screen using three fingers.

Additional Magnifier Settings for iPhone

iPhone has a function called “follow focus” This functionality automates operation of the magnifier. The magnifying glass will automatically follow our focus, so we won’t have to move it. There are also related settings, like smartwriting and the following:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • zoom controller.
  • Expand your region.
  • Zoom filter

How to use the iPhone magnifying glasses This is all for Magnification. You can download an Android or iOS app that will help, but We recommend using the native one.

How to activate and use the magnifying glass on Android and iPhone to enlarge the screen of our terminal
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