How to block a number on Android

How to block a number on Android

Android makes blocking text messages and calls from one or more of your contacts easy. We will show you how to filter calls efficiently and stop getting annoyed by unwanted or hidden numbers. There are many reasons to block a contact. However, there are many ways to do it. You can either set up blacklists, if your smartphone allows, or manually block each contact. It is the same procedure for all manufacturers. The titles of the options might change slightly. We recommend visiting the main Android manufacturers.

Android Stock: How to Block a Phone Number

It is very easy on most Android phones:

  • Open the app Phone
  • You can go to the calls section
  • Select a number that you want to block, and then long press it
  • Touch To Block
  • Select to block

Another method allows you to access the list and, if needed, remove any blocked numbers.

  • Go to the app phone > Settings (or menu with three dots) > block call
  • The block list appears
  • Then, you can manually add or delete songs

It will depend on which version of Android you are using and what overlays you use, so it may not be possible to set specific rules for certain smartphones. Although it is possible to block all numbers not listed in our phonebook, this is quite extreme. We have provided detailed information below for some of the most popular smartphones brands.

Block calls from a Samsung phone

  • Open the app Phone
  • Next, select the number that you wish to block and then touch the information icon (small “i” in a circle).
  • To block , tap at the bottom

You can unblock the number by pressing again. Push To unblock you press Unlock

Block calls from a Xiaomi smartphone

  • Go to your call-list
  • Tap on the unwanted number
  • To elect To block
  • Hop! It’s over!

Block calls from a Huawei smartphone

  • To see a list of calls made recently, enter Phone
  • Click the icon Information to locate the unwanted number.
  • Click the icon in the bottom right More and then further to add to the blacklist.
How to block a number on Android
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