How To Rename Your Google Account On iPhone, Android & The Web
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How To Rename Your Google Account On iPhone, Android & The Web

How To Rename Your Google Account On iPhone, Android & The Web

Google lets users change their account name across all desktops and mobile platforms. You can change your Google account name for many reasons. Some users can legally change their name, such as when they marry or use a spouse’s name. They might also want to add middle or initials to their first name. Google does not have any restrictions on account names like Facebook or other social media platforms. This means that users can easily change their terms at will.

You can change the Google account name on the web and Android and iOS. The name change will be reflected across all Google apps and services, including Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. The default Google service name for a person is their Google account name. Google gives users the ability to modify how their name appears on selected services such as Gmail. This will not change the name that is displayed in your emails.

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It is easiest to modify a Google name through the website. This can be done on any browser. Log in to your Google account with a web browser. Next, click on Personal Information. Click on the Basic information account name in the right pane. The next screen should have two fields: First and Last names. After making the necessary changes, click the blue Save link at the bottom.

Rename a Google account on Android and IOS


Open Settings and choose Google to change your Google account name. On The Google profile page, tap, the large Manage Your Google Account link just below the profile name. Next, click on the Personal Information tab. Then, tap on the profile name on the Basic information page. The First and last names fields are now editable. To change the name of your Google account, make the necessary changes and hit save at the bottom.

Google account settings cannot be accessed via Android. Launch the Gmail app, and tap on the hamburger menu (three lines parallel) in the upper-left corner to change your Google account name. Select Settings from the slide-out panel. Next, tap on the current word at the top of the Settings page. Next, choose to Manage Your Google Account. Then tap on the Personal information tab below the profile name. Next, select the Basic information account name to edit the first and last names. To change your Google username, click the Save link.


How To Rename Your Google Account On iPhone, Android & The Web
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