iOS 16 Wishlist: 5 Things I Want In The Next iPhone Update
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iOS 16 Wishlist: 5 Things I Want In The Next iPhone Update

iOS 16 Wishlist: 5 Things I Want In The Next iPhone Update

Apple will announce iOS 16 at WWDC 2022. On June 6, there are some features that I cannot help but wish for. WWDC (also known as the Worldwide Developer Conference ) is Apple’s most significant event. WWDC helps developers keep up-to-date on the most current best practices in app development. It also hosts Apple’s subsequent major software releases. WWDC is the place to first learn about any new iOS, iPad, or macOS update.

The last two iOS updates have been exceptional. iOS 14 brought widgets to the iPhone’s home screen and introduced the App Library. These are two of the most significant changes we have ever seen. The update also introduced smaller UI designs for the phone call and Siri, new Messages features, and Apple’s Translate app. Although iOS 15 was not as innovative, it was an excellent update. iOS 15 brought us SharePlay. It also featured a redesign of the Weather app, Focus modes, and updated notifications.

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The operating system is poised for success in 2022, thanks to the improvements made with iOS 14 and iOS 15. It’s easier to customize than ever, Apple’s first-party applications keep getting better, and it remains responsive and fast. It’s far from perfect. Apple is poised to take iOS to the next level with iOS 16, and some things could help. These are the features that I will be keeping my fingers crossed for when Apple announces iOS 16 in June.

Interactive Widgets


Interactive widgets are at the top of my wishlist. iOS widgets in their current form are excellent. They have a shared aesthetic and can be used in various sizes. Third-party apps are also supported. The problem with iOS widgets is that they don’t help interact. Although I can see the tasks/notes in the Reminders widgets, there is no way to mark them as complete without opening the entire app. Although the Apple Music widget can be used to see your listening activity, it does not have playback controls that allow you to control what you are listening to. iOS widgets are nice, but they don’t offer much beyond the information on the home screen.

This is an area where Android widgets are superior to iOS’s implementation. To see more events on the Google Calendar Android widget, I can scroll through the articles on the Google News widget and use playback controls to access Apple Music, Spotify, and other apps without leaving my home screen. Interactivity is now possible because devices have been around for a while, and developers have had the time to support them.

Customization of App Icons


Although iOS is generally less customizable than Android, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t customization options. Widgets add a lot of variety to the home screen. You can toggle between dark and light modes, and the App library is excellent for hiding less-used apps. iOS 16 should include customizable icons for apps if Apple wants to improve its customization options.

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This feature is already present in iOS 15. You can switch between icons in some apps, and Siri Shortcuts allows you to add different icons to any app. It all feels a bit disjointed. Each app has its steps to change icons. Siri Shortcuts can also be used, but it comes with their limitations. iOS 16 could simplify app icons by introducing new system-wide controls. You can instantly change app icons using the Settings app or by simply long-pressing on the app that you wish to modify. Apple could use official icons app developers created to better third-party support apps on the App Store. Many iPhone users have already changed their app icons, so why not improve the user experience?

Always-On Display


All signs pointed towards the iPhone 13 having an always-on display. Many rumors and leaks suggested it would be available. Even Apple’s invitation did not mention an always-on function. It never happened. It is particularly annoying that Apple doesn’t have any hardware limitations to allow for an always-on display. Every iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have an OLED show. This is also true for older models such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple could add an always-on display to its OLED iPhones if it wanted. Imagine how useful this would be! It would be easy to glance at your iPhone and view the weather, time, upcoming appointments, new notifications, and other information without touching the power button. Android phones have always had displays for many years. Each year that it isn’t added to the iPhone, its absence becomes more apparent.

Additional Default App Options


Apple’s iOS 14 was the first iOS release that allowed users to change their default web browser and email apps. Instead of using Safari and Apple Mail to access web links and emails, it can be adjusted to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, Gmail, and Spark. Although this is a great start, Apple should expand its default apps feature to include more categories. Allow me to set different default apps on my phone, calendar, calculator, photos, and other devices.

Revamped Control Center


Finally, I hope iOS 16 addresses something which hasn’t seen a significant update since the iPhone X. iOS’s Control Center, as it stands now, is a mess. You can’t customize the Control Center because it is a mess of many controls. Although you can add/remove rules and alter the order in which they appear, it is fundamental for such an essential part of the iPhone.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Apple could make the Control Center more user-friendly by applying some lessons learned from home screen widgets. The Control Center could feel better if users could change the location of controls, adjust the size and add widgets. It’s time for a significant overhaul, considering how vital the Control Center is in everyday use.


iOS 16 Wishlist: 5 Things I Want In The Next iPhone Update
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