Intel Arc A-Series would cost $99 to $399

Intel Arc A-Series would cost $99 to $399

Intel’s A770-A750, A580 and A380 desktop discrete Arc graphic cards will retail at $99-$399, competing with Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon. The first Arc generation (“Alchemist”) will be priced at least on par with Radeon RX6650 XT or GeForce RX3060 Ti.

The cost of Alchemist is between $99 and $399

Wccftech, like the website, would like to learn from its sources that Intel will sell the first Arc-generation desktop graphic cards in stores for prices between $99 and $399. Prices do not include taxes.

The website states that the slide is from an unpublished presentation by the manufacturer and contains previously unpublished details, such as the TDP rating, target performance segment, and direct competition from Nvidia . The new slide by Wccftech (“Intel Arc”) Specifications ( source)* This slide is very similar to the one posted on the Chinese platform forum in September 2013.

Intel Arc A Series – Pricing and Rating (Image by Wccftech/Baidu). Intel has split its five desktop graphics cards into four performance classes or segments, Entry, Mainstream Performance, Performance+ and Performance+. They also have the TDP classes that range from 75 to 225 Watts. Intel Arc (“Alchemist”) Review ( source) * When the Arc A770/A750/A580, A380/A310 will be available outside of China is still unknown, even though tech YouTubers such as Linus Tech Tips or GamersNexus have already presented the A770/A750 in a showcase.

ComputerBase reviews the Intel Arc A380

The Intel Arc A380 will be put to the test by the editors in the next week. The driver is on a construction site, which can cause frustration. The Arc A750 outperforms a GeForce GTX 3060 in handpicked games, according to Intel’s internal benchmarks. All conditions must be met for this to occur.

Intel Arc A-Series would cost $99 to $399
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