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Lost Judgment Chapters Guide – How long is lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment Chapters Guide - How long is lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment Chapters Guide – How long is lost Judgment?

Kazuma Kiryu, Ichiban Kasuga and Ijincho have left their marks in Kamurocho or Ijincho. Lost Judgment now introduces Yagami Takayuki, a detective. Yagami is involved in a very specific case. He investigates it throughout a new story that jumps from dark to the usual shenanigans of developer Ryu Ga Gotoku. This guide will tell you how long it takes to solve the mystery (without spoilers). How many chapters are there.

How long is lost judgment?

You can expect a lengthy stay in Lost Judgment as we have come to expect from the Yakuza series. The main story is split across two cities, Ijincho and Kamurocho. Ijincho was the new city that made its debut during Yakuza : Like a Dragon.

If you focus on the main story, you can expect to play for around 30 hours. You would miss out on many elements that make the Lost Judgment or Ryu Ga Gotoku games so compelling to explore fully. There are plenty of activities and collectibles available.

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A collectible hunt is a task that requires you to locate 56 squirrels spread across both cities. You can then expect 42 substories (called “side cases” in Judgment) to be completed. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of Lost Judgment is its overarching storyline, which involves Seiryo High school. There are 10 clubs in this game, each with its own story and minigame. You’ll need to play for between 90 and 100 hours in order to reach 100%. This is the right choice for you. It will take time.

Lost Judgment Chapters Liste

There will be many chapters for you to explore. There are many chapters that have a lot of story to tell, and the locations can vary greatly. You’ll find yourself traveling between the two cities quite frequently. You can save the game when a new chapter begins. This is a great option if you want to go back to a particular point or miss something. It’s worth mentioning that after the main story is finished, you can find collectibles or complete side content.

The complete chapter list is available below:

  • Chapter 1: Black Sheep
  • Chapter 2: Vicious Cycle
  • Chapter 3: Two sides of the same coin
  • Chapter 4: Red Knife
  • Chapter 5: Double Jeopardy
  • Chapter 6: Converging Heat
  • Chapter 7: Blindsided
  • Chapter 8: Phantom of Ijincho
  • Chapter 9: The Weight of Guilt
  • Chapter 10: Catch a Tiger
  • Chapter 11: The Undercover
  • Chapter 12: To Nurish a Viper
  • Chapter 13: Darkest Before the Dawn

That’s all! We wish you the best of luck in solving the case. We’ve also compiled 26 essential information for you to help you along the way.

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