Microsoft Edge Becomes Leading Browser After Chrome

Microsoft Edge Becomes Leading Browser After Chrome

Microsoft is able to push its new browser Edge, despite the Windows operating system’s market power, to a market share greater than 11 percent. This makes it second among desktop browsers. Internet Explorer, however, doesn’t want to go away.

Chrome is unbeatable for desktop use, but Edge is slowly catching up
The StatCounter statisticians have once again analysed and processed the market share of browsers across different platforms. Microsoft can rejoice that the Edge browser is continuing its steady growth. Redmond’s browsing program managed to gain a 10.84% desktop share last month, an increase of 0.2 percent over the previous month.

Edge is now at second place on the most used browsers list, behind Google Chrome which has a market share that stands at 66.14 percent. Google’s browser saw a drop of 0.7 percent in July while other market participants showed gains. Mozilla Firefox had the strongest growth, with an increase of 0.28, bringing its market share up to 8.08%. Internet Explorer defends itself bravely against insignificance by retaining 0.75%. Market share of desktop browsers in July 2022

Google Chrome – 66.14% – -0.74
Microsoft Edge – 10.86% (+0.2
Apple Safari – 8.97% (+0.01)
Mozilla Firefox – 8.07% (+0.28)
Opera – 3.07% (+0.08)
Mobile is a completely different world.
Google, Apple are the dominant mobile market players. Chrome is at just under 65 percent and Safari at just over 24 percent. With a market share just below 5 percent, Samsung’s browser solution can be placed in third place due to the sheer volume of devices. Other providers are not even close to the 2 % threshold.


Microsoft Edge Becomes Leading Browser After Chrome
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