Microsoft Releases New Business Security Tools
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Microsoft Releases New Business Security Tools

Microsoft unveiled new managed services at Microsoft Security during this year’s Build conference. These tools can be used by companies and organisations. Some offers are currently in beta testing, but they are generally available.

This applies also to “Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting”. Hidden behind the confusing name is a new offering that allows proactive threat searching across corporate networks using real specialists and supported by an AI. “Experts on demand” allows you to ask true Microsoft experts about any incident, attacker or attack vector with just a click. On request, customers receive safety advice.

Defender is the second most important enterprise security innovation. These tools are called Defender Threat Intelligence (DTI) and Defender External Attack Surface Management(EASM). The acquisition of RiskIQ, a security services provider, provided some of the technology needed to create these tools. Microsoft purchased the company for half a million dollars last year.

Access to real-time information
They look similar to Microsoft Defender Experts For Hunting, which is a managed security services. Microsoft claims that the only difference is that customers have direct access to Microsoft’s real-time data. Microsoft can now use all of the new tools to give insight into network weaknesses that would otherwise be only available to hackers.

Know your security gaps
Defender External Attack Surface Management allows customers to discover unmanaged resources that could potentially be entry points for attackers. Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, on the other hand, provides data that exposes attackers’ infrastructure and speeds up attack investigation and remediation.

Microsoft Releases New Business Security Tools
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