Microsoft wants to block macros in Office apps again
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Microsoft wants to block macros in Office apps again

Microsoft has confirmed it will soon block Visual Basic Applications (VBA), macros in Office applications. However, it removed such blocking early July. According to Microsoft, the next wave of lockdowns will begin on July 27th.

Due to user requests, the company had previously stopped the rollout the macro blocking feature. The blocks were affecting a variety of automation tasks.

The company stated that it had suspended the blocking of macros and was simultaneously working to improve the usability of macros in accordance with the new requirements. The new instructions include step-by-step instructions explaining how Office determines whether to run or block macros, which Office versions are affected by the new rules and how VBA macros can be run in trusted files.

In February, it was announced that macros would be disabled by default. This should decrease vulnerability in many systems. VBA code is often used by viruses to infiltrate systems. ESET and other antivirus companies have confirmed this.

All Office products including Excel, PowerPoint and Visio will be subject to macro blocking. Operating systems include Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and iOS.


Microsoft wants to block macros in Office apps again
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