More details about possible Moskvich cars based on Chinese JACs. Disclosed the characteristics of the electric vehicle

In July, many details were revealed about potential Moskvich cars based upon Chinese JACs. Sergei Sobyanin was there to see the plant and a few posters were taken by TASS journalists. You can now see photos with the parameters for all models from the presentation on the Web. They also reveal more information about Moskvich.


What is most fascinating about the JAC JS4-based electric vehicle? You can see that the expected range is 400 km and that the traction battery has a capacity of 70 kWh. Only 100 horsepower electric motor power.


You should not expect the gasoline version to have the same dynamics as the electric car. The gasoline version will be lighter and will get a stronger engine (120 horsepower) and an option with an internal combustion engine of 140 horsepower. The electric car will offer greater fuel savings and more efficient acceleration. It is worth noting that the clearance for an electric car is just 150mm. While it is 210mm for a gasoline-powered crossover, it is only 150mm. This is evidently due to the heavy traction battery.


The top-end Moskvich, the renamed JAC S7 cross-over, will get a 180 horsepower turbocharged engine. The top configuration also features a robot transmission. This model measures 4.8m in length.

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