“Most use smartphones.” Tesla explains why it removed the key fob from the Model S and Model X

Tesla has stopped offering Model S and X owners a branded keyfob in the form of a small car. New owners will only get a Tesla Keycard. Customers can buy a Tesla Store key fob for Model S or X for $175. This is an option.

According to reports, the transition to selling Model S and X without key fobs took place on July 1. This announcement was finally made by Tesla.

Tesla first sold the Model 3 to customers in 2017 without key fobs. This was to save money. The Tesla Store introduced key fobs to the Model 3 in 2019. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla needed to give all owners a “regular” key at the Tesla Store in 2019.


European buyers who have already booked their cars are showing more enthusiasm on the forums. Despite being available in North America for more than a year, the updated Model S and X is still not available in Europe. Tesla’s European website does not show any Model S or X delivery dates.

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