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Noble Pokemon Kleavor – Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer

Noble Pokemon Kleavor - Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer

Noble Pokemon Kleavor – Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, one of the new Pokemon titles, will be available on January 28, 2022. Arceus is set in the Sinnoh region, a region that Pokemon fans are familiar with. The Hisui region, which is home to Pokemon Legends: Arceus is also the Sinnoh region that was established long before the events in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We can expect new items, new Pokemon, and even new forms of the Pokemon we love and know.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer – Kleavor

Kleavor was mentioned by several Wardens as a new Pokemon that has never been seen in any previous Pokemon games. Warden Lian describes Kleavor “rampaging” and, during the battle scenes at end of the trailer Kleavor looks strong with moves such as Stone Axe.

The Bug/Rock Pokemon can be described as an evolved form Scyther. This means that we now have an alternative evolution path for Scyther which allows them to evolve into Scizor and Kleavor. The only way to transform Scyther into Kleavor, however, is through special minerals only found in the Hisui area, just like other region-exclusive evolutions.

Kleavor, also known as Lord of the Woods and the Axe Pokémon, appears on the screen glowing a mysterious yellow and runs towards the player in an intense attack. The Noble Pokemon seem to have contained this phenomenon, so the player is sent to “encounter the frenzied Pokemon nobles.”

Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer — What’s a Noble Pokemon?

According to what we know so far about Noble Pokemon, they are revered by the Hisui people, who offer them food and water. It is possible to assume that the Noble Pokemon and Hisui people live in harmony. The trailer however suggests that something is happening to alter the behavior of these peaceful nobles. We need to discover what it might be.

This phenomenon sounds very similar to that of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. In these stories, Pokemon were forced to Dynamax to cause fear and destruction in the Galar area. This frenetic yellow glow, much like Dynamaxing is temporary. We see Kleavor as it really is at the end.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer- Alpha Pokemon

In the trailer, we also see another phenomenon: Alpha Pokemon. We can glimpse an Alpha Pokemon, an Electivire that glows red, for a split second. Alpha Pokemon are larger and stronger than their regular counterparts and will chase down players who get too close.

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