Parental Control: Apple iOS 16 can detect nude photos in iMessages

Parental Control: Apple iOS 16 can detect nude photos in iMessages

This feature is available in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Apple will release the Advanced Parental Controls via iOS16 to iPhone, Mac and iPad in France and Germany starting September 2022.

iOS 16 brings many new features and improvements to the iPhone. These include the ability to delete native apps, a revamp of the concentration mode, and a simplified way of duplicate photos. The latest Apple OS version also includes a whole new advanced parental controls system that can be activated to increase security for communications in iMessages.

Apple has just announced that this parental control will be available in France, Germany and other European countries starting with the 2022 school year. It will include a function that allows the iPhone to detect the presence of nudes and photos of a sexual nature within a message.

Parents must have enabled Family Sharing in iCloud before activating this feature. This new security option is found under the tab “screentime”. After this, an AI will examine the photo locally . No data is sent to Apple.

iOS 16 blurs pornographic iPhone photos
will blurry a pornographic image, for example. The warning message will remind you of this:

These photos and videos depict private body parts
These videos and pictures can be used against the child.
The person in the photograph may not agree to it being distributed
The instructions are explained to the child so that he or she can choose to not see the photo, to view it in its entirety, or to notify his parents or other responsible adults. Apple has plans to provide countermeasures to children who send nude photos to their parents, along with a warning message about the danger of such practices.

He will be invited to talk to a family member. The child will still be the captain and can send the photo to a relative if necessary. We regret that this feature is not available in . Similar filtering is not available in other instant messaging apps. We also note improvements to Siri, which can now answer any questions that a child might have on this sensitive topic.


Parental Control: Apple iOS 16 can detect nude photos in iMessages
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