Pentagon orders 375 F-35s for $30bn

Pentagon orders 375 F-35s for $30bn

Lockheed Martin and the US Department of Defense have reached an agreement to supply 375 F-35 fighters in the next three-year period. The American military-industrial company’s press service reported the news. The deal is estimated to be worth close to $30 billion, according to Reuters.

Lockheed Martin also noted that the final number produced may change depending on the adjustments made by Congress to the budget for the next fiscal (it starts in October) as well as orders from international partners.

The Pentagon ordered 478 F-35 fighter planes in accordance with the 2019 three-year contract. Lockheed Martin was able to buy more components, which resulted in a reduction of manufacturing costs of around 8%.

F-35 Creation Program generates 27% of the corporation’s revenue. In 2007, the first fighter of this type was made available at a cost of 221 million dollars. Due to scaling up production, the current price for a fifth-generation fighter is $79 million.

SpecificationsF-35 has the following characteristics: maximum speed at 1931 km/h, flight range of 2200 km, combat radius 1093 km. Two air-to-air missiles are included, as well as two guided bombs. The F-35 also has a 25mm cannon. To make radar detection difficult, the F-35 employs stealth technology.

Pentagon orders 375 F-35s for $30bn
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