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“Pirate” action Skull and Bones from Ubisoft still got a release date – November 8

Ubisoft finally revealed the release date of its long-suffering naval action film Skull and Bones. Officially, the developers have announced the release date for the game as November 8. The game will be available on PC, current-generation consoles, and Google Stadia.

The developers also released a new story video showing the game’s main character’s creation. He decided to try his luck and become a pirate in the vastness of the Indian Ocean.

The company also demonstrated the gameplay of the game. It showed, among others, many game mechanics. They showed various weapon types, a resource collection system and modifications to a pirate ship. The video shows that mortars, cannons and even “Greek Fire” are all possible in the game.

The company previously stated that development was progressing at a rapid pace. The game was also announced in 2017 at the time.


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