Rumors Predicted Google Stadia’s End
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Rumors Predicted Google Stadia’s End

Is Google Stadia at the edge of extinction? Recent rumours have been wildly circulating on this subject. It is possible that there is already an end date for the game offer – and it is. Google Stadia is coming to an end. We have reported on this many times.

In May, there were indications that Google did not intend to continue advertising and marketing the game service. The Stadia gaming tab was then removed from the store. There are now rumors that the service will soon be terminated.

However, the rumor isn’t based on any facts. On Facebook, a Stadia fan group said Stadia would close in the near future. The source was “an individual who claimed that he was connected to a Google employee”. Since then, the original post has been removed from the Facebook group. The news reporter called herself “Donny Jepp”. Some are not so reliable. Many media outlets have taken the lead (via 9to5Google). Informationgraphic on Game Streaming: Has Google’s Stadia Experiment Fail?

Event topics are likely to be a hot topic
According to rumours, the company may have already revealed its “exit strategy” for Stadia at a Google Retail Seminar in California. According to the company, Stadia’s “end-of-summer” streaming game service should be stopped. It claimed that Stadia would be treated “like Google Play Music” with customers being notified between 30 and 60 days before service discontinues. However, this comparison is inaccurate because Google Play Music has already transferred features and customers to YouTube Music. Customers of Google Play Music also had more than 60 days to change to YouTube Music.


Rumors Predicted Google Stadia’s End
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