Samsung Pay no longer works on other Android Phones

Samsung Pay no longer works on other Android Phones

Samsung Pay is not like Apple Pay. It does not make any distinction. You can use the app on any non-Samsung phone, provided that you have a Samsung smartwatch. This is not true, according to many users.

Apple Pay requires that you have an iPhone in order to use it. Samsung Pay is a little more flexible. To take advantage of this, it is better to own a branded smartphone. It is possible to use the Samsung Pay app on a non-Samsung smartphone if you have a Samsung-connected device. Samsung Pay is available for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 3 . It was finally time. Many users have claimed on Reddit that it was impossible to launch SamsungPay on any non-Samsung smartphones.

They explained that an error message was showing up telling them that their Samsung ID was invalid for several days. “When I enter the Samsung Pay plugin via Galaxy Watch it says that the ID is invalid. This problem has been affecting me for over two days. I don’t know how to fix it. Is there anyone who knows what to do? Reddit user: “The hand?”

Samsung Pay does not work on other Android phones

“Hello, is anyone aware why my Samsung Pay app ID isn’t valid but I can log in to my Samsung account and everything works fine?” said another user who was hurt on the forum. It is not possible to determine if this is a bug, or a change in Samsung’s policy.

Some users claim that Samsung Pay will not work on non-Samsung smartphones. However, other brand representatives have clarified that they had opened a ticket with the manufacturer’s customer support. It is not surprising that Samsung did not announce the change in a proper and correct form if this is true. Many affected users claim that Samsung Pay worked perfectly up until then. However, these problems occurred when they tried to set Samsung Pay up on their new phone.


Samsung Pay no longer works on other Android Phones
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