Samsung to Ditch Exynos and Use Qualcomm processors in all Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung to Ditch Exynos and Use Qualcomm processors in all Samsung Galaxy S23

Future Samsung flagships won’t use Exynos processors. Samsung has already confirmed its commitment to Qualcomm. Samsung has been adamant about launching flagships with different processors based on the market they are destined for for years.

The Samsung Galaxy S and Note were designed for the US and Korean markets and featured Qualcomm processors. However, the rest of the world was forced to use Exynos chips which are often less performant than their Qualcomm Snapdragon counterparts. This is about to change.

According to Cristiano Amon (CEO of Qualcomm), Samsung and Qualcomm reached an agreement whereby Samsung will use Qualcomm Snapdragon series chips on its future star terminals around the globe. What does this mean? What does that mean?

7 years of Qualcomm processors in Samsung phones
The new Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor will be used in the models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series. Cristiano Amon has confirmed that the agreement between the companies has been extended for seven years. It is clear that Qualcomm will continue to be the primary supplier of processors for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets up until 2030.

Amon says that if Qualcomm processors have been in 75% of Galaxy S22 Series models, future generations of this family will see even greater sales. This leads us to believe all Galaxy S23 Series models will be equipped with the future Qualcomm Snapdragon8 Gen 2. It will be unveiled at the Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii in November. Qualcomm has proven its superiority over Exynos models for many years. All models in the series will now be equal from now on.

Exynos will not be forgotten
Despite statements by Qualcomm’s CEO, Samsung confirmed that it does not intend to stop the development and production new chips under its Samsung Exynos family. Although they deny that the series of microprocessors will cease production, they state that the microprocessor division of Samsung Exynos is currently undergoing restructuring and that a plan is being developed to improve its competitiveness over time.

We are focused on enhancing the competitiveness and market share of Exynos’ next generation mobiles. This is done by strengthening our cooperation with major IP companies, and starting early development.

It seems that Qualcomm will supply Samsung with microprocessors to power its next generation flagship Galaxy S devices.


Samsung to Ditch Exynos and Use Qualcomm processors in all Samsung Galaxy S23
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