Sony cuts functionality of PlayStation 5
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Sony cuts functionality of PlayStation 5

Sony has announced that one function of the PlayStation 5 console will soon be shut down.

The PlayStation website has a support section that states the following:

In Fall 2022, PlayStation 5 will stop allowing praise. We were not as successful in promoting it among the users, so we will focus our efforts on other features. We encourage everyone to continue sending each other positive messages.

The Accolades (Praise), feature was heavily promoted by the company at the time the PlayStation 5 was launched. This system is a reward/achievement system that can be used by PlayStation gamers and other members of the PlayStation Community. This was created to spread positivity. If you play with someone completely stranger, you can send them money. The anonymous “Praise” can’t be sent to friends. The user’s “Praises” are displayed on their profile as a virtual badge honor.


Sony cuts functionality of PlayStation 5
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