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Sony Officially Acquires Bluepoint Games

Sony Officially Acquires Bluepoint Games

Sony Officially Acquires Bluepoint Games

Today’s announcement was made via the official PlayStation Twitter account. It included some major news. Hermen Hulst from PlayStation News announced that Sony had acquired Bluepoint Games, a video game developer.

Bluepoint Games is the latest addition to PlayStation’s family. It is a videogame company based in Austin, Texas. Bluepoint Games was established in 2006. Marco Thrush and Andy O’Neill started the company. It currently employs approximately 90 people.

It should not be surprising that Sony decided to acquire the gaming studio Bluepoint Games. They have created many cherished titles for them in the past and it was only natural that they would continue working with this company. Bluepoint Games is well-known for its remakes of and remasters of many PlayStation flagship titles, such as Uncharted Shadow of the Colossus and Shadow of the Colossus . Most recently, Demon’s Souls was launched on the PS5 in November 2020.

Unfortunately, Marco Thrush (one of the Bluepoint Games heads) reported during this update that Bluepoint Games did not have any upcoming games. He instead thanked all his fans for their support over the years. Bluepoint can only be a great remake/remaster of Sony’s exclusive titles or an original IP. This is what Sony fans should expect.


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