Spotify: Premium users get their own play button

Spotify: Premium users get their own play button

Premium subscribers to the music streaming site Spotify now have a separate play/shuffle button, instead of the combination play/shuffle button that was previously used to shuffle a playlist.

You can play and shuffle separately with separate buttons
This small and necessary change will allow Spotify to differentiate between paid and free versions. In the free, ad supported free version, Spotify playlists cannot be played in shuffle mode. In the coming weeks, the Spotify app change will be available in all markets around the world and will be simultaneously implemented for iOS and Android. Premium users will see separate buttons for play/shuffle in future versions of the app.

This new feature allows you to choose which mode you prefer from the top of albums or playlists, and you can listen as you wish. Spotify offers a variety of listening options, including Shuffle mode and Play. Spotify

Albums were changed by criticism
Spotify’s insistence on shuffle play via its play button in the past has been criticized by artists who want to hear their albums in a specific order. Adele had previously complained about Spotify’s preference to the shuffle. Spotify has replaced the play/shuffle button for albums with a pure-play button, which is not like playlists. Premium users will soon be able to select whether the songs are shuffled or sorted, for both playlists and albums, from the main window.

Lossless streaming continues to shift
Spotify HiFi will be available worldwide, but customers have to wait. Spotify announced nearly a year ago that it would offer lossless streaming at a higher quality than ever before. The feature was initially announced in early 2021 as being “this year,” but it never materialized. Spotify has not yet announced a new date for hi-fi.

Spotify: Premium users get their own play button
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