SteamOS 3.3 for Steam Deck: Valve optimizes handheld PC performance and 5GHz Wi-Fi

SteamOS 3.3 for Steam Deck: Valve optimizes handheld PC performance and 5GHz Wi-Fi

The latest version of SteamOS 3.0, the Linux operating system, has been released. It is based on: ArchLinux Valve optimizes the Zen 2 RDNA 2 handheld gaming computer and its Wi-Fi reception over a 5 GHz network. This time, the release notes were expanded.

SteamOS 3.3 represents a major overhaul of the Steam Deck
Valve now supports the latest firmware and device drivers, which should improve compatibility and performance as well as Wi-Fi stability. A product update is coming to desktop mode.

Valve optimizes nearly all areas
The Release Notes for SteamOS 3.3, and the Steam Deck Client Update that it comes with, include many improvements in installing and updating apps via flat suit (for example Firefox) and KDE Plasma’s Discover Software Center. The KDE Plasma Classic Theme (“VGUI2”) is now available. This theme also supports 32-bit games that utilize the open Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (LIKE 1).


Added Achievements page to overlay while pressing the Steam button in-game
Guides page added as overlay by pressing the Steam button in-game
Notification to the Steam Deck when it is outside of safe limits
A Night Mode Schedule feature was added that allows players to select when and if they want Night Mode to be enabled automatically.
A button was added to remove any text entered in the search bar
The adaptive brightness switch is now back in action
Fixed notification to claim digital rewards that can shoot endlessly for certain customers
Fixed an issue that caused the main menu overlay to not scroll correctly for medium game names
Some issues fixed with digital Steam Deck rewards
Fixed sound for performance progress notifications
Remote Play client fixed faded colors when playing with certain hosts
Fixed Xbox login dialog for Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite and Halo Infinite not showing certain characters correctly
Steam input

For Gyro Enable, and Button Chord options, we have added missing Deck buttons
Added support to game-bundled virtual menu icons within the in-game deck UI
Diverse performance improvements

Support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese keyboards has been added. These keyboards are still being refined. Please leave feedback via the forums.
First IBus IME input support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards added to the desktop
Fixed keyboard in desktop mode, sometimes not showing or removing
Fixed on-screen keyboard, which appears under the Steam and Quick Access menus
Improved keyboard behavior to allow faster typing on touchscreen and trackpad. Holding down one key and pressing another key simultaneously will capture the key being held, instead of waiting for it to release.
Some touch style issues were fixed with the virtual keyboard
Performance / Stability

Users who take a lot of screenshots were able to fix some performance issues
Multiple crashes fixed related to screenshot management
Numerous crashes caused by non-Steam shortcuts were fixed
Some native Linux games wouldn’t quit even after being forced to quit via Steam
When exiting via Steam, Fixed Chrome Flatpack did not close properly
Fixed an issue that prevented some flatpak apps (like Edge) from closing successfully
Fixed an issue where the intensity of some games’ backlights changed.
Mode for desktop

To ensure that Firefox is updated on time, Flatpak Firefox should be used instead of the OS repositories.
Firefox will launch from the desktop the first time. It will prompt you to install the Discover Software Center. This handles all updates as they become available.
Game mode automatically allows you to access the most recent network connections that have been created/edited from your desktop.
Added VGUI2 Plasma Desktop Theme
Minimize the virtual keyboard for desktop mode to the right dimensions
Desktop mode now supports the Qanba Dragon and Qanba Obsidian arcade sticks
Docked Mode

An option has been added to scale the Steam Deck interface for external displays
A toggle was added to allow external displays to automatically scale the Steam Deck UI.
Additional ability to adjust image display settings on external displays that have overscan issues
Problem fixed: The panel wouldn’t stay on when you disconnect the dock after you wake up from a good night of sleep.
Fix for an issue that caused the panel backlight to stay on when docking was occurring

When switching from desktop mode to fixed Bluetooth profile, the selections are not saved
Fixed CPU overhead to cancel echo when the microphone’s not in use. This reduces power consumption in idle and near idle situations.
Fixed multi-channel audio on external displays
Fixed audio on some capture cards
After resuming sleep mode, some corrupt audio cases were fixed
Fixed audio output for some 32-bit games that have ALSA support To use
Drivers / firmware

Updated graphics driver for compatibility and performance enhancements
Updated wireless driver that fixes Wi-Fi disconnect issues at 5Ghz
Up-to-date controller firmware utilities for future controller hardware revisions
Steam OS 3.3 Release Notes

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of development branches
The “Update Channel Selector” is also new. This allows users to choose from the three development branches of SteamOS, “Stable”, and “Beta”, respectively.

System updates

A new channel selector has been added to Steam Deck software updates – now there are three options.
stable: The best experience for most users. This option will install the most recent stable Steam Client or SteamOS.
Beta: Test for new Steam features. This page is regularly updated. This option will install Steam Client Beta as well as the most recent stable SteamOS.
Example: Testing new Steam and system-level features. This page is regularly updated. You may run into problems. This option installs Steam Client Beta or SteamOS Beta.
Only the patch notes for your chosen update channel will be displayed.
SteamOS 3.3 – Update Channel Selector

SteamOS 3.3 is being distributed already
SteamOS 3.3 has been released and the Steam Client update via Stable Channel is in progress. It will be available in waves, as usual. Progress is also being made quickly in terms of compatible games: Valve tested over 2,000 games on Steam Deck and classified 662 games as “Steam Deck Verified” while 587 were “Steam Deck Playable”.

Tested games: 2,000
Steam Deck Games: 662
Steam Deck Games: 587
Games currently not playable: 751

SteamOS 3.3 for Steam Deck: Valve optimizes handheld PC performance and 5GHz Wi-Fi
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