Tempest plane will be able to read the mind of the pilot

Tempest plane will be able to read the mind of the pilot

Spitfire pilots described the aircraft’s responsiveness during World War II as “extending their limbs”. Pilots will feel closer to their fighters in the 2030s and will be able “read minds”.

BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Euromissile Group are developing the Tempest aircraft. Leonardo is in Italy. It has artificial intelligence that can assist pilots in times of stress or severe G-forces.

The pilot’s helmet has sensors that monitor brain signals and other data. Artificial intelligence will build a vast database of psychological and biometric information during flight. The onboard AI can assist pilots who have sensors that indicate they need help. Artificial intelligence can also take control if the pilot is unconscious due to high g forces.

John Stocker, TempestJet’s director of business development, stated that “We must keep up with technological change.” “In the past technological advancement was driven by the military, but now it is more common for commercial technology to be advanced.”

John Stoker stated that future fighters will be able to be upgraded by simply downloading an app on a smartphone. The majority of aircraft production will be automated. The production line robots will communicate with suppliers to allow parts to be quickly adjusted.

There are many other scenarios that can be used to make use of artificial intelligence. After launching a rocket it is controlled by artificial intelligence. This can be used to redirect the rocket to a higher-priority target.


Tempest plane will be able to read the mind of the pilot
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