The Google Play Store hides the version of apps
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The Google Play Store hides the version of apps

In the Google Play Store, you will not see the version number for an application. Instead, we only have the date of last update. Google made a curious decision to remove so much valuable information from users.

Sometimes Google makes strange, even incomprehensible choices. This is the category that contains our pick of day. These are apps from the Play Store. Mountain View hides the version number for the affected software.

To see the app number, open Android’s Google Play Store and go to a software page. This is not possible anymore. The entry will be deleted.

Google hides version numbers for apps
The Play Store beta in the US seems to be affected by this change, but we can still see the information in Europe. However, it should be available soon. The date of the latest update will be the only information valid about the status of the application. It is shown at the top. The Play Store web version always shows the version number for Americans.

Google did not provide any reason for the removal, as users found it accidentally. Even though the odds of it being intentional, the 9to5Google site dares to speculate about the matter, suggesting that it could be a bug and not an intentional removal. This revocation is a waste of time as it deprives users of important information about the apps they are trying to download.

This information is even more remarkable because Google is trying to combat anti-virus software, deceptive applications, plagiarism and other forms of anti-virus software at all costs. The tool is removed from the user’s hands by removing the version number. We will now wait to hear from California’s giant about this issue, and perhaps the reemergence of version numbers if indeed it is a bug.


The Google Play Store hides the version of apps
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