The original Apple TV HD and Siri Remote are now obsolete

The original Apple TV HD and Siri Remote are now obsolete

Apple has added a new product to its collection of vintage products, the fourth-generation Apple TV HD. This means that the device will not receive future updates and security patches.

The iPhone 6 Plus was launched at the start of the year. A few days later, another Apple device became obsolete: the original Apple TV HD. The fourth generation Apple TV HD was launched in 2015 by Siri and was quickly renamed to distinguish the two devices.

The Apple TV HD was the first generation to feature a modified Siri Remote that featured a white circle surrounding the “Menu” button. The Apple TV HD and remote were on the market for 5 years. Apple added them to its “Vintage” list a few days ago (June 30, 2022).

Apple TV HD no longer receives updates
The Apple TV HD can no longer receive updates from Apple if it joins the Apple’s “vintage” product list. This includes functionality and security patches. Apple previously exempted vintage products from its repair programs or Authorized Centers. However, Apple changed this policy recently to allow repairs for an additional two years.

These are not guaranteed to be available because third-party resellers cannot order spare parts from Apple. They must sell what they have on hand. In theory, you should be able: Fix your 4th generation Apple TV at Apple Authorized Centers until 2024. Apple still sells a new generation Apple TV HD at 159.00 euros with 32GB storage in its current configuration. Apple is working on a new and more affordable Apple TV. It could be available in the second half of 2022.

The original Apple TV HD and Siri Remote are now obsolete
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