Video cards are not getting cheaper anymore, and some models even went up in price in a month. Adapter market in Europe slows down

Video cards prices in the US and Europe have reached the recommended levels or fallen below these values. However, this does not mean that prices have stopped falling. The data from the aggregator shows that cards in Europe are becoming cheaper over time, but not all cards.

You can see that low-end AMD cards are not getting any cheaper, despite being sold at lower prices than recommended for a while. Although you could argue that they are becoming more expensive, it is important to remember that the data only takes into account the best deals at the time the news was published. Models may be available in stores within a few days or weeks at prices that are lower than at the beginning.
The older Nvidia cards have seen their prices drop the most. The difference between the RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3090 Ti are very small. You can buy the older model without worrying about the increased power consumption.


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