Which Countries Have The Cheapest Internet
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Which Countries Have The Cheapest Internet

With an average cost of just 2 and 5 dollars each month respectively, Syria and Sudan are the countries with the lowest Internet prices.

While everyone knows that Internet access in France and Spain is more expensive than elsewhere in Europe, you may have wondered: Which countries have the lowest Internet prices? a price comparison website Cable.co.uk has revealed which countries have the lowest Internet access prices.

We already mentioned that the Internet connection cost in these countries ranges between 2 and 8 dollars per monthly. Find out which countries pay the lowest for their Internet connection.

These are the top countries with the lowest Internet prices in the world.
Cable.co.uk has produced a report that analyzes the average cost of broadband access in 220 countries. The authors of this report explain that some countries, such as Venezuela, West Sahara, Guinea and Niger, have been excluded because they do not have broadband services or their currency is instabile.

These are the top two countries with the most expensive and cheapest Internet. The image below shows that the Internet connection costs are lower in countries like Syria, which has an average price of 2.15 per month Sudan, and an average cost 4.80 per month. The average monthly cost for Ukraine and Belarus is $7.40, while Russia costs $8.07.

The other side of the coin is Burundi, which has a monthly cost of $429.95. Closely followed by Sierra Leone, with a $316.69 monthly average, and Brunei, with a $258.42. How to determine the speed of your mobile Internet. This quintet includes the British Virgin Islands, which have an average monthly cost of $184, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, which have a monthly cost of $170.50.

Which Countries Have The Cheapest Internet
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